Where we come from

The VPP Gaming Network is an extension from the gaming community known as Clan VPP, which was born about 12 years ago by a small group of friends trying to make a friendly gaming environment.Over the years, the community grew and expanded from Counter-Strike to various other games including Day Z, Insurgency, and Team Fortress 2.

Like many of our clients, Clan VPP needed appropriate funding to run. In most cases, donations from it's generous members were the source of funding for the community's servers, but in order to accomodate growth and expansion, a new source of funding was necessary.

The process of using ad providers as a source of income can be a time-consuming and arduous experience. The VPP Community experienced this first-hand, and knew that other communities would be going through the same process. In order to share the experience and make the process less painful, VPP Gaming Network was formed.

What we offer

VPP Gaming Network has undergone the strenuous process of finding the best ad sources for your community. What we offer you is our experience with tried and true sources, content, and service. We offer what other providers cannot.

Premium Rates

Premium CPM Rates that is extremely competitive with other providers. We want to give you the best possible rates to increase your income. The more you make, the more we make.

Global Content

Content for all countries! It doesn't matter where your servers are hosted, we can ensure that you aren't left behind.

Customer Support

Excellent customer service to ensure all of your needs and questions are taken care of with a quick response time.

Community Advice

For those looking to expand and grow, we share our experience with our members. You are part of our community.